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Chemistry student ditches his lab coat for a unicorn costume in the name of charity

By Danielle Herbert

Alex Line, who studies at Cardiff University has been aiming to complete 5-15km a day to raise money for Sue Ryder.

Explaining what inspired him to start his 'Running Stupid Against Cancer' project he said: "During October, someone very close to me, who was my best mate's mum, died after 4 years battling breast cancer.

"I’ve also had my own struggles in hospital over the years as when I was 16, I was told I was potentially growing a cancer, but it was luckily easily handled and never developed.

"I just wanted to do my part in making a difference, as it takes so many lives and affects so many people.

"During my campaign, my grandad also developed cancer, so it just added to my motivation, but more than anything if people don’t donate, or support it, at least it’s adding a smile or laugh to their day."

Describing how it feels to run through the city center dressed as a unicorn, Alex said: it is embarrassing but I’m happy to be adding something positive during these difficult times.

"Some people come up to me or take photos, I've even had some people join in by running alongside me.

"Luckily, I’ve had no negative feedback or backlash. I have actually received 30-40 messages from people, supporting my campaign, and outlining their personal battles with cancer or mental health.

"Their stories have been really inspiring and help to keep me motivated so I can continue trying to make a difference."

So far, the Chemistry student has managed to raise £786 of his £1,000 target through GoFundMe. If you would like to donate, please click here.