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Flat flood forces university students out of their accommodation during fire break lockdown

Updated: May 1

Written by Danielle Herbert.

University students have been forced out of their city centre accommodation due to a flat flood on the 21st floor at Ty Pont Haearn student halls.

Unite Students, who own the building, have assured their Cardiff residents that their "safety and security is a top priority" after many were moved into alternative rooms within the property, while others have been relocated to a nearby hotel.

Flooded corridor inside a 21st floor flat

24-year-old student, Carina Murphy, from the 21st floor, explained how she first became aware that her flat was flooded. She said: "Around 16:42 pm on Friday evening, I heard a loud thud, followed by a gushing noise.

"The sound was similar to a showerhead, which I assumed had come from the flat next door, so I decided to ignore it.

"Roughly five minutes later, I heard my flatmate Alexia cry out 'GUYS’, so I left my room to see what was going on.

"When I entered the flat corridor, it was like I had just walked into a scene from Titanic.

“The water was gushing all around my ankles.”

After reporting the flood to security, the three flatmates were moved to the 7th floor and told that they would be updated on Monday.

On Saturday night Alexia received a phone call from her neighbours, informing her the flooding had started again. She said: "After I received the phone call, I made my way up to the flat.

"I knew the situation was bad as there was a massive puddle of water inside the lift as I headed upstairs.

"As soon as I got to my flat, I ran to the boiler room in an attempt to turn it off, but the valve and pipe had already blown off.

Inside the boiler room on the 21st floor.

"I checked mine and my flatmate's rooms to make sure all of our belongings were safe.

“Thankfully, most of it had been elevated on Friday after the first flood, but a lot of our clothes were drenched."

Describing the experience as stressful, Alexia said: "I am incredibly frustrated, and I feel awful for those living on the floors below us, it must had been frightening to see all of that water coming from the ceiling.

"As I have been feeling unwell, we were all supposed to be in self-isolation while awaiting my Covid-19 test results, which thankfully have returned negative.

"With that being said, I do not feel safe living in this building anymore."

When asked about these comments a representative from Unite Students said: “On Friday 23rd October a water leak was reported in our Ty Pont Haearn property.

"The leak was swiftly isolated, and our teams called out the necessary independent services to assess the situation and ensure safety was not compromised.

"All electrics in the property have been checked and signed off as safe by our independent 3rd party contractor.

"Repair and clean up teams have been working day and night over the weekend to resolve the issue.

"Affected students have been moved into alternative rooms within the property, with some students being relocated to a nearby hotel, a few minutes’ walk away.

"Our teams continue to provide support, keeping in touch with all affected students to check on their welfare and make sure they have everything they need.

"The safety and security of our students and employees is our top priority.”

- Danielle Herbert (@_daniherbertt)