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Hundreds march on Cardiff streets to protest climate change inaction

YouthStrike4Climate have taken to Cardiff City Hall to protest as part of the Fridays For Future campaign.

Hundreds of Cardiff locals have attended the strike to protest against what is believed to be not enough action being made against the current climate crisis and campaign for this to change.

Carrying homemade banners and flags, protesters chanted “planet not profit, planet not profit” this Black Friday, as they marched from City Hall to the Cardiff high street.

The protest that started at 10am ended at 1pm at the Senedd, the heart of the Welsh Assembly.

The Fridays For Future movement that was spearheaded by 16-year-old Swedish activist, Greta Thunberg, has inspired young people across the globe to ensure their voice are heard by striking from school to protest.

17-year- old climate activist, Ryan Belhadj, who has attended each Cardiff Protest was among the many students who attended.

Talking of his own efforts to help tackle climate change he said: “Like anyone who cares about the planet I try to do my bit by recycling and not wasting energy, but really that isn’t what really matters because it’s such a tiny proportion of the issue.

“Individual action alone will not solve the climate crisis, it has to be from the top and from the government.”

The Cardiff local, who is too young to vote, said: “There isn’t long before the election so it is really important to get the word out there so people see what is happening to the planet so they can act accordingly.”

There has been arguable progress for protesters in the campaign against climate change, with the European parliament declaring a global climate emergency and encouraging countries to aim for zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Speaking on the recent announcement Ryan said: “Declaring an emergency is simply a statement, if there are no substantial actions to accompany it then it means absolutely nothing.

“Time is running out and we have to do something now before it’s too late.”

- Danielle Herbert (@_daniherbertt)