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Interview: Indie-rock band, King Nun

Updated: May 26, 2020

Unhinged indie-rock band King Nun have made their mark as unique artists, bringing energy, wit and magnetism to both their music and live performances.

King Nun perform at the Great Hall, Cardiff Students' Union

Recently releasing their debut album ‘Mass’ with Dirty Hit Records, the band have since been supporting rock band The Struts during their 2019 tour.

A self-proclaimed “giant loner”, Theo Polyziodes, began striving for a career in music in his early adolescence, well before he had even begun to learn to play an instrument.

The King Nun frontman describes himself, saying: “I’m a huge attention seeker.

“I think if you are mad enough to do this bloody career to yourself you’ve got to really want it from the get-go.”

Theo nostalgically describes his journey with music, emphasising his preference for sounds that push past mainstream limitations, which King Nun themselves have evidently applied to their own work.

Theo explained: “I’ve always been into music which had a sense of freedom about it.

“My earliest memories regarding music was hearing the charts which I knew wasn’t for me.

“I think if you don’t really tune into music that is all you end up hearing.”

Realising that chart music was not for him, he ventured into other genres of music in order to find a sound more suited to his preference. Theo said: “I began listening the classic rock.

“The distorted guitars and screaming vocals sounded so ridiculous, it was absolute escapism to me.

“I just thought to myself who are these people?”.

Theo’s music taste continued to evolve over time but continued to consist of a heavier sound than that of mainstream music.

“As I continued to grow up, I got into music that was more unhinged and punkier.”

Despite preconceptions you may have of Theo from his out-there music preference, he describes himself as somewhat of an introvert.

This seems unimaginable when he takes centre stage to perform alongside his bandmates. Theo displays a punkie extroverted stage presence when performing, with an effortless flow of witty remarks between each track the boys perform.

Discussing his onstage alter-ego he said: “When I started learning about live music, I wasn’t really a social enough guy to go to gigs, this meant I had to learn the majority of what I know performing my own shows.

“Whilst I’m on tour it’s almost like I go into gig mode which makes it easier to wear the façade, but after I need to just go be an absolute loaner, so I have space to think.

“History has taught us that once someone has got famous, they tend to lose it, so being more introverted helps to keep me grounded for sure.”

Needless to say, Theo Polyziodes has the balance of an introverted personality and an extroverted stage persona to maintain his sanity when working in the music industry, securing more to come from King Nun.

-Danielle Herbert (@_daniherbertt)