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Students stuck inside lift as USW Cardiff suffers power outage

A power cut left students trapped in a lift yesterday afternoon, at the University of South Wales’ Cardiff campus.

LIT: Students resorted to working by torchlight for part of their afternoon. Picture: Matthew Lofthouse.

Six people were between floors in the lift when the power outage struck, leaving them stranded, whilst many classes came to a halt elsewhere in the building.

The campus – which is home to creative industries courses – was plunged into darkness just in time for 2.00pm lectures, as many students arrived at the building after lunch breaks.

Maintenance workers arrived and began attempting to prise open the doors of the lift, which had stopped just before the ground floor. One man in a high visibility jacket was heard calling out to people trapped inside: “It’s stopped just short of the ground floor so I can’t get it open!”

TRAPPED: Six students were stuck in a lift between floors. Picture: Emily Price.

Dim emergency lighting came on, making it safe to walk the corridors, but many essentials such as computers and motion sensor taps in the toilets were unusable without electricity.

In some classes students lost their work as a result of the power cut, as they were given no warning to save it.

Second year Journalism student, Jess Daly, said: “The university handled the situation well - I didn’t feel any sense of panic around me and the emergency lighting ensured all the corridors were well lit.”

Some students continued with their lectures in the dark and used their phones to light the way.

Third year photojournalism student, Matthew Lofthouse, said: “I was halfway through a class and all of a sudden the lights went out. We had to finish our class by using the torches on our phones.”

A USW spokesperson said: “The power outage at our Cardiff Campus was caused by a fault to the buildings electrical supply, which is maintained by our utility supplier. The electricity was cut off from approximately 2pm and was back on within two hours when the problem was fixed.

“As part of standard practice when the power supply to a building is lost, we immediately checked the lifts to ensure the safety of anyone using them. There were six people in a lift for approximately 10 minutes, so we were able to attend to them very quickly.”

The campus remained closed for the rest of the day, re-opening today as normal.

An apology for any inconvenience caused was posted on UniLife.

- Emily Price (@EmilyPr17272230)