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USW update students on “additional changes” to no detriment policy

By Danielle Herbert

Dr Ben Calvert, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor at the University of South Wales has announced further support for students this academic year.

In a statement emailed to students, he said: “A couple of weeks ago, I wrote to you all, to let you know what we are doing with our approach to no detriment this year at USW.

“We understand that the ongoing pandemic continues to be a challenge and we want to reassure you that we have plans in place to support you to progress and assist you to fulfil your potential.

“Since I last wrote to you, the University has agreed several additional changes to our progression and award regulations for this academic year (2020/21).

“Assessment Boards will be more flexible in considering your performance whilst still balancing the need to maintain academic standards."

What is a no detriment policy?

A ‘no detriment’ policy acts as a safety net to ensure students obtain at least their average grade. This means that the grade students currently have is the lowest they can achieve.

Back in March, a no-detriment policy was put in place across universities for the academic year (2019/2020) due to the sudden impact of coronavirus on students and their studies.

Students across the UK have been campaigning for the policy to be reinstated this academic year.

What does this mean for USW students?

The university has announced that they will be re-introducing uncapped resits for modules that count towards your final qualification.

Regulations around repeating assessments and modules for this academic year are being relaxed to provide additional opportunities to resit modules, rather than repeat, in certain situations.

If you do not pass an optional module, you may still be able to progress to the next level without resitting, within certain parameters.

If you are in your final year and are within a small margin of the next classification boundary, you may be awarded the higher classification if your overall academic profile supports this.

Are there any exemptions?

Unfortunately, the changes set out above may not apply to all of your modules, particularly where there are course-specific regulations. Please check with your course team.

You can find a set of FAQs for the 2020/21 No Detriment approach on UniLife.